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110a Church Street
Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

01778 344989

A photograph is more than just a picture! It’s a reminder of the people you love, the person you are, or a moment you never want to forget.


Some FAQ

How long before the pictures will be ready to view?

We normally aim to get pictures ready to view within 3 weeks but during busy times, this maybe 4 weeks. We spend our time going through, one at a time, the many hundreds of pictures we have taken deciding on such things as colour balance, cropping, density (lightening or darkening) and 'tricks of the trade' enhancements, to get your pictures looking as good as we can.

How long will we have to wait before getting our album?

This can vary depending on if there are any alterations to be made yourselves but generally it is about 6-8 weeks (3 weeks to design and up to 4 weeks to manufacture)

How do we book you?

If we haven’t done already, we would first recommend meeting up, usually at the studio for an informal chat about your plans for the wedding. This gives us both a chance to get to know each other and make sure the chemistry is right - after all,  we will be spending a lot of the day together at the wedding. Once you have decided, then a £200 deposit will secure the day in our diary for you. The balance of the money, won’t be due til 4 weeks before the actual Wedding

Do you shoot mainly ‘Documentary images’ or, the more ‘Structured shots’?

Entirely up to you how you want to play it. We invariably like to do both. Most of you haven’t been married before, so it’s an all new experience for you both, and a bit of guidance on the best way to stand, sit and where to place your hands, I feel doesn’t go amiss. There are times when a bit of structure to the photo is definitely a positive thing, then there’s other times when we just ‘go with the flow’ and try to be in the right place at the right time in order to catch the action.

Will you be taking Photos during the Ceremony?

Whenever possible, is the short answer. Some places are very strict and won’t allow even the smallest amount of pictures (a few stuffy churches, come to mind) most will allow you to take pictures only at certain times and nearly always, we wouldn’t be allowed to use flash. Often we will have to stay in the same place during the ceremony so in a nutshell, we shoot whatever we can get away with.

Do you have experience shooting Winter Weddings?

Yes, unfortunately we have to work all year round, so we have learnt to live with the great British climate, including its lack of daylight (and warmth) in the winter months. Guests soon get cold standing outside, waiting for photos to be taken so we have to work quickly and efficiently to make the most of the day. We recommend Weddings take place before 2pm if your having a winter wedding, as the light after 3pm soon begins to fade and we would rather show the nice surroundings than dark silhouettes of trees and buildings.

Would  you travel outside of the area?

Yes, absolutely - we will travel to anywhere you would like us to – UK or abroad! We have undertaken a few commissions abroad lately and love the experience of photographing in a new place. UK travel would usually involve some travel costs yet anywhere in Europe we will pay our own way (on the basis that you book us for a whole days photography). Weddings in London for instance would incur an extra modest fee £80

What happens if it rains on the day?

We usually get wet is the answer!  Not you, the Bride and groom of course, just the photographer.  Our dedication to duty means that we carry on taking pictures no matter what!!  If we can take pictures outside, and you have some shelter, then we take pictures!  Of course there’s guests to consider as well. If you’re in a church, then the vicar/priest is usually good enough to let us take the group (and Couple) shots inside. If it’s a venue, chances are we can find a suitable place somewhere to take photos, preferably with plenty of natural light coming in. The alternative is just to wait for a gap in the weather.

Will you require feeding during the day?

If the coverage goes on beyond the Wedding Breakfast, then the answer is usually 'yes'.  This doesn’t have to be the same meal as the guests, just a bar meal or sandwiches perhaps. Your photographer doesn’t want to have to leave the Wedding (and possibly miss some of the action) whilst he searches for a nearby Macdonalds or supermarket so a bit of refueling along the way, is always appreciated.

Can we print whatever we like from the images you give us?

As part of the package, you will receive all the images along with full permission to reproduce any of the pictures, so feel free to fill your house with as many pictures as you want.  To achieve the best quality from your images, we recommend using ourselves as the results from our professional lab will invariably be better than a high street lab or a cheap online company.

Who owns the Copyright to the pictures?

ACS Photography/Nigel Haggerty.  Please bear in mind, and respect the fact that the Photographer still retains the copyright of your images so that if you wish to use the images for advertising or for any other commercial purpose you must ask the Photographer first. The pictures are given to you on the understanding that you use them for your own personal use.

Can our guests order pictures from you?

All of your pictures will be placed online via our Website (under ‘Client Gallery’) so anybody with the password, can view and purchase prints. At the time of writing, items such as collages, canvas’ , albums and box frames can only be ordered through the Studio (but this may change in the future)