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110a Church Street
Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

01778 344989

A photograph is more than just a picture! It’s a reminder of the people you love, the person you are, or a moment you never want to forget.



What you can expect

Unlike some studios, we allow plenty of time to both have your pictures taken and to view your the results of your portrait photography session. Sessions are by appointment only and we never book more than 4 in a day. Times are booked to suit you, with special attention given to the needs of Babies feeding and sleeping times. Our aim is to make your session as enjoyable and as relaxed as possible.

The photo session

All our sessions are £30, which includes an 8x12" print.               Location sessions incur an additional charge that we can go over in person with you. Typically a session will last from 45 minutes to an hour.

What happens after your session?

About a week after your pictures are taken, you will come back for your viewing. Your fabulous pictures will be shown on our large screen and a couple of ‘mock’ collages will be shown to give you an idea of how your picture might look as a series of pictures in the same frame.

It is our policy to avoid the ‘Hard Sell’, treating our viewings as a chance to guide you through the different options and to offer our professional advice on what works, and what doesn’t. We are not there to try and persuade you to buy the biggest frames.

How much are your photos?

As a guide, our prints start at £18 for an 7x5” print in a folder and our ‘hang on the wall portraits’ start at £70 for a 8×10” box frame or mounted in a 12×14” bespoke frame.

The rest of our price list is long and varied, so we prefer to go through this bit with you in person at the viewing stage.

It it isn’t some big secret though, if you want to discuss something specific you may have in mind, please ring us for a chat.

The most you can spend on a single piece of wall art is £350 but you can spend as little, or as much as you want.

How long will my viewing session last?

This can, and usually does, take longer than the actual photo sessions themselves but most of this depends on how good you are at making decisions. Most people are finished within an hour and a half.

Some tips on what to wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Smart Casual is the norm but avoid tops with busy patterns or prominent logos which might date the picture.                                                                                  Smart casual is good. Jeans and t-shirts are fine and with groups, always try and dress as a team.                                                        Bold colours work well but again be careful when in a large group. Everybody would have to be in a bold colour or everybody in a neutral colour for it to work.                                                           Bright colours are good and so are pastels but one or the other is best. One person wearing red in a group for instance will stand out like a sore thumb.                                                                                 We have found that dungarees don’t work well on very small children.                                                                                              White tops with denim has always, and still is, a traditional favorite.                                                                                                  Feel free to bring along any props or toys/teddy bears etc for the kiddies you may feel will enhance the session.                                    If you are a Grandma, Aunty, Mum or Dad please feel free to join in with some of the pictures.

Where is your studio?

We are located about 7 miles from the centre of Peterborough and the towns of Bourne, Stamford and Spalding are within a 25 minute drive. We’re easy to find, being situated right next to the River Bridge at Deeping St James. When visiting by car, feel free to pop your car into the Pub (the Bell) Car Park (just drive straight ahead when coming over the Bridge from Peterborough).


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