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110a Church Street
Deeping St James, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom

01778 344989

A photograph is more than just a picture! It’s a reminder of the people you love, the person you are, or a moment you never want to forget.

About your Photographer

Want to more about me? - here are some frequently asked questions with answers!

How much experience do you have?

About 15 years!  All weddings whenever possible are taken by myself, so rest assured you will be in experienced hands.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have our equipment insured and have full Public liability and Public indemnity insurance.   We will be more than happy to show you our certificate.

Do you carry a spare Camera, lens and flashgun etc? ... yes, always!

Will you require feeding during the day?

If the coverage goes on beyond the Wedding Breakfast, then the answer is usually 'yes'.  This doesn’t have to be the same meal as the guests, just a bar meal or sandwiches perhaps. Your photographer doesn’t want to have to leave the Wedding (and possibly miss some of the action) whilst he searches for a nearby Mcdonalds or supermarket so a bit of refueling along the way, is always appreciated.


About me

My journey so far!

Over the years I’ve worked for myself, for National, International and Independent Portrait Studios, spent a few years travelling around as a cruise ship photographer,  co-founded one of London’s biggest Portrait and makeover Studios,  then worked for many years in London as an Event/Portrait and Wedding Photographer finally setting up my own Company – f8 photography ltd.

I have now settled for the quieter life, taking over the reins of a long established Wedding and Portrait Studio (ACS Photography) on the banks of the river Welland near Peterborough.

Photography has been a big part of my life now for almost 30 years – it’s hard to imagine a life without a camera in my hand – if I’m not shooting for profit, you’ll find me wandering around one of the local nature reserves, trying to catch an elusive butterfly, bird or bug.

I like photography for the way in draws on so many aspects of your character. It teaches you Patience, humour, communication skills, a hard working ethic and a healthy respect of nature, and an understanding of people.  Bringing out the best in people and capturing those fleeting moments is often challenging but never boring. It’s also expensive (just ask the wife) but ultimately very rewarding.

 Changing technology over the years has meant picture taking is more prolific than it has ever been, cameras have become more intelligent, but the art of taking a great photo - as opposed to an ordinary one – still lies with the skill of the photographer and is as tricky now, as it ever was.  lets hope you agree!

The Journey continues!